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Santa is a Movie Star (at least in my own mind).  Check this video out: A Christmas Meeting with Santa and the team from Regnier & Associates
Here are some photos from previous visits.  Make sure you are on my GOOD girl and boy list, and your Christmas may look like this.  Enjoy!
Santa Claus Delivering Christmas Presents


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Friends From Cherry Hills MOPS

Friends from Cherry Hills MOPS
Some Videos:
Merry Christmas from the Sieberts! (2013)
Advertisements I've "starred" in
Life without Lupus Foundation, 2013
Head South for the Holidays, 2011

(I've become political?!?!)
Santa for Rooftop Solar, 2013
Colorado Health Initiative, 2013 and,
Colorado Helath Initiavie
Happy Holidays from Regnier & Associates - 2011
2010 Holiday Video: All I Want For Christmas...
Some Pictures
Santa getting a kiss Kimberly Anne
Some friends from the South Metro Chamber of Commerce Business Exposition.
NBC Gala_2009
Church Girls and Santa

And he was such a small child once!
A Good Big Boy with Santa
Santa checking his list 
Santa Bryan checking his "nice" list - are you on it?
Best Friends with Santa 
Some families can swallow even Santa up!  Ho, ho, ho!
 Little boy on Santa's lap
The awe of Santa and a camera, can be so mesmerizing.
Santa just has to smile when visited by one of his favorite elves!
Santa and elf Britanee
2nd boy on Santa's lap 
Gateway Academy FriendsFriends from Gateway Academy (Centennial, CO) Little girl and boy
Santa delivering presents by the fire Santa is ready to deliver presents to your house!  Are you ready?
Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis
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